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What's new in my make up bag?

Hi dolls!

Because I’m a makeup junky I need to give you a little insight on my new favourite items and this time we are going all in with Kat Von Dee makeup brand because it has been so talked about I needed to try it on myself, my first swatch happened in a Sephora in Rome it was the Alchemist Holographic Palette which I’m crazy in love with but I sincerely can’t afford because like I mentioned in some previous posts I’m a broke postgraduate student.  But thanks to the Glamour Beauty Club I didn’t need to spend a penny in order to receive some staples of Kat Von Dee’s beauty: those are the Tattoo Liner** and the Studded Kiss Lipstick** in Mercy. And if you are asking yourself if they are good, my answer is they are not just good, they are MAGIC. I thought it was only a dream to find quality makeup that would stay without making your lips feel dry and itchy but KVD made it happen for us.

But then again I discovered this new brand called INGLOT which I have mixed feelings about. The makeup is affordable and good. But there is a hitch, a smart idea that sounds way too smart to come from a disinterested corner of their branding. Yes you can create your own palette, you can mix and match colour and more but who pays for that lovely container in which you can mix and match everything? Well, you of course. And if you are to buy only a blush and discover the container costs more the the makeup itself you just want to leave everything and RUN. But their setting powder is actually matte and it works wonder on my really greasy skin. So it is a brand to watch.

For Highlighters, and eyeshadow I’m quite faithful to my very first love, KIKO. Why do I love KIKO? Well I was born in Italy, and I grew up without being able to find a foundation that matched my skin colour, not because the brand wouldn’t provide it but because shops would not stock up darker shades. But KIKO changed the game in Italy and to be honest in every country which would not provide makeup for darker tones i.e. Germany. But with KIKO I have an amazing insurance.

So which make up do you wear regularly, which brands so you like right now? Let the Fox Family know in the comment section below.

Take care of you babe.

Yours Fatefully,

Gabriela Valentina

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