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Every time I meet someone new one of the routine questions I get asked is “you have such a particular accent, you are not American are you?” and obviously my answer is no, because I’m most definitely not American, so they go “Where does it come from?”. Let’s state things clearly from the start, I speak English well enough not to have first degree every-single-time I open my mouth, but it still happens, so well, I make it a guessing game which rarely ends up with me receiving the right answer, so after the 10th attempt I get really bored and explain how I was born and raised in Italy, how my mum loves to travel around it and there is always something beautiful to see, which is true, I’m not going to deny the truth. And then the most dreaded question makes its way into the conversation: “so whereabouts in Italy you come from?” and my answer, that is the bit I should change because it gives the chance to another conversation to open up, and yes I like to talk, I really do. But being put under a microscope every single time like an exotic animal is not the most pleasurable feeling. So here it goes, I come from a city call Venice and yes, it is the most beautiful city on earth… and yes, I love it… and yes, I miss the salty smell of the sea in my lungs… and of course I’ve seen Murano, and Burano… Now the downfall of the whole conversation (as if going through this conversation at least 100 times a year wasn’t a downfall in itself): “Why are you here? The weather is not that great and the food is dreadful...” I should know that after 4 years, shouldn’t I? But people like to remark it at every given moment, as if by doing so I’m going to catch the first flight back home. You know what? Venice is a beautiful city to live in only if you are retired or if you love being surrounded by tourists all day, ergo, not my cup of tea. And even if it wasn’t I’d like to remember y’all that Italy went through a huge recession which is still not completely forgotten by Italians themselves. Therefore, why am I in cold England instead on pink-sunset-Venice? OPPORTUNITIES. When you have opportunities to grow and flourish and create a career for yourself you have more than what beauty around you can give, you actually get a chance to get closer to this beauty and afford to be a part of it.

Yes Venice, I love you to the moon and back, I love the crowded streets, I love the gelato at every corner, I love the Spritz by the river and a bottle of wine on the roof terrace, I love walking endlessly and get lost in your heart, I love taking pictures of tourists by the bridge,I love the churches, the paintings, the art galleries. I love walking down the street and meet my old classmates.

I love everything you are and you represents, and though we are not together now we will eventually be, because even though I dread talking of you, like an ex you are trying to keep a distance from I love knowing I can always come back to you.

Venice mon amour, je t’aime toujours

Is there a place you love to go back to? Is it your hometown is it another city?

Tell me about it on the comment section.

Take care of you babe,

Gabriela Valentina

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