• Gabriela Valentina

Twenty-three things I learnt before turning 24.

Hi dolls!

Today I’m turning 24, I know, I struggle to believe it myself. A lot happened in this short lifetime of mine and this is what I learnt from it.

  • Never say never

  • Understand your body, listen to it. Thank me later.

  • Think about your future

  • Make a 5 year plan, it helps.

  • Learn how to save, understand the way that better suit you.

  • Don’t overwork yourself, take a day off.

  • Learn how to cook, takeaways and restaurants can take a toll on your wallet.

  • Invest on statement pieces for your wardrobe.

  • Travel: discover new people, new cultures.

  • Listen.

  • FALL IN LOVE, don’t prevent yourself from the most beautiful feeling ever.

  • Heartache is a bitch.

  • Love your body, every single inch of it.

  • Cleaning, is zen. Embrace it.

  • Clinique and makeup. The best mix to self confidence ever.

  • Buy a diary, visualise you days, organise your life.

  • Find your own passion and pursue it.

  • If you want to invest in your future, by going to uni just do it, don’t postpone it.

  • Decide for a max of three subscriptions, so you can keep track of them. I.e. Spotify, Netflix..

  • Go to concerts, enjoy life.

  • Make your own happiness, your version is better than anyone else's.

  • Dance the night away, have some drinks.

  • Think twice before taking difficult decisions.

Take care of you babe.

With love,

Gabriela Valentina

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