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As women we are taught to be pure and that sex is bad, though sex brings life in this world and guys are allowed to learn about sex through porn, they, actually, learn absolutely nothing but they know what to expect, don’t they? As teenagers and adults, no one tells us about our Vagina and how it reacts when involved in sexual activities.

The first time we find ourselves in certain situations we end up apologising and being absolutely mortified for something we cannot control.

So I’ll list three of them for you, so when and if it happens you won’t be apologetic for things your body does without your premeditation nor consent:


Scientifically speaking vaginismus:

Vaginismus occurs when the vagina is unable to relax and permit the penetration of the penis during intercourse (or inhibit medical examination or tampon insertion). (Vaginismus. https://www.healthyplace.com/sex/psychology-of-sex/vaginismus)

Now, this might come from different unspoken issues or fear of pain. But it does happen when you least expect it, sometimes a little bit of lube can help to navigate the situation a bit more smoothly but really it is something you need to discuss with your partner and sometimes is something you need to reassess on your own, especially if it is your first time with that specific partner or your first time, period.

Now that the penis is in, it is time to understand QUEEFING and SQUIRTING.


Scientifically speaking queefing is:

Queefing is an involuntary bodily function that occurs when air is pushed into the vagina, gets temporarily trapped in the folds of the vaginal canal (called rugae) and is then released. 

“Queefing happens when a penis, fingers or sex toy go in and out of the vagina bringing additional air along with it,” (Here’s Why You Queef During Sex. (Don't Be Embarrassed, It's Normal. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/queef-vagina-fart-flatulence-sex_l_5ceeb516e4b0f078035e2e4b)

This can also happen during physical activities or while sitting on a toilet. And though most of the times the most natural reaction is to explain how it wasn’t a fart, a) he/she most likely will know and b) it just happens.

So have a laugh and keep enjoy the experience, because a little insider tip *it might be the moment you are enjoying yourself the most*


Medical News Today defines squirting as:

“Female ejaculation is when a female's urethra expels fluid during sex. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but there is not necessarily an association with having an orgasm.” (What is female ejaculation?


No one likes to talk about squirting, to be honest no one likes to mention the fact that as women when we get excited we wet the bed, an uncomfortable moment for first-timers as well as veterans because that patch on your bed is not only visible but can also be really cold, especially in the winter.

Though there is an evolution of that and it is squirting, an unintentional act, that’s can be uncomfortable and unknown to us but apparently is very popular in porn. It feels like peeing and results in a lot of lubricant liquid coming out of your vagina. Now, I cannot say if it is actually coming out at the speed of pee but it might come out abruptly after several orgasms, so you have been warned.


This might sound hilarious it is also true the contrary, which means your vagina does not produce enough lubricant liquid which might not mean you do not like your partner but can have to do with some physiological factors which I’ll research for the next time, but do not worry, there is indeed a solution to it, it’s call lubricant and yes, it does exactly what you think it should be doing.

If you think I forgot anything please don’t hesitate to leave your suggestion in the comment, also am I getting ahead of myself here? Dunno.

Take care of you babe.

With Love,

Gabriela Valentina

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