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Hi dolls!

Let’s be honest, having a long distance relationship is a difficult choice to make. And once you made that choice it’s sometimes difficult to cope with the facts. I met my current boyfriend through a dating app [yes, dating apps can actually work] we met up a couple of times and madly fell for each other, yet we were aware of the fact that one day he would have had to go back to his country in order to finish his degree.

When you live in a city like London you are bound to meet hundreds of people who are there just for a limited amount of time and he was one of them. Therefore I promised myself not to have any physical contact with him, so we can say that what we had back then was totally platonic. But, after he went back to Germany I still felt the need to hear from him, day after day I wanted to hear how his life was going, how university was treating him and any progress he was making, I just wanted to make sure he was happy. But, apparently, he wasn’t and I wasn’t either.

He then asked me to go to visit him in Germany and once I was there, we just couldn’t hold back any more, there were hugs, kisses endless amount of time spent in bed, him introducing me to his friends as his girlfriend. All the little things a girl would want from the man she loves. And then I had to go back to London. But we knew it wasn’t a goodbye. And after one year I finally stopped thinking about all the bad things that could happen to us and started to enjoy the ride, and then Mexico came, knowing about it didn’t make it any better, knowing I couldn’t hold him as often as I wanted made the distance so palpable. You see, when he was living in Berlin, we could see each other as often as once a month if not more, depending on our schedules and commitments. Therefore as much as I was in a long distance relationship, the distance was reasonable and there was no real reason not to hear from each other or not to see each other.

Then, I had to deal with my feelings by myself, then there were 6 hours that tore our conversations a part and an 11 hours flight for that matter and a £700 return flight. And the possibility we might got lost in translation or the chance of being angry and not being able of admitting it, let alone talking about it.

But they say that distance can make a relationship stronger, and it did when he finally came back things actually got more serious he introduced me to his family and I did the same, time is going by. Long term projects are made and happiness does not seem such an impossible errand anymore.

Yours faithfully,

Gabriela Valentina

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