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Hi dolls!

Welcome to my first March blog post. I always considered march as my month because my birthday fall on the 23rd of this beautiful month. Even though this year it started with heavy snow I want to believe we are in for a serious turn out, especially because after the 21st is officially Spring time. Because of this reasons and more I thought it would be nice to make March a “Get to Know Me” month and create a new tradition with all you guys who follow this blog.

So like the title suggest I’m adulting big time, this year I’ll be turning 24 and that makes me a step closer to a quarter of a century. And lately I’ve been thinking about when I was six and anyone over the age of 20 looked so put together and with a defined plan for their future in mind. Fast forward to 2018, I’m in Higher education with absolutely no clue what is going to happen next. Of course I have friends, and yes I am still in a long distance relationship ( so I guess that’s not completely helpful) yet, I can seem to figure out what I want for myself on a professional level. Lucky enough, I have  always been working for a chain restaurant so ideally I will never go without a job. But is it all i want for myself?

Living by myself I have come to understand the person I’d like to become yet I can’t seem to figure out a way to become the Super Woman I so desperately feel is in my future. Because yes, I’d like to become a wife and a mother but I would not want it to define me, because there is so much more to me that my sex and the stereotypes that come with it.

Honestly I think that if I had the means I’d keep studying until I drop, understand Media and Communications to its very core and never have to leave the academic world. But I would never want to teach, that’s one of the thousand reasons, I’m also a broke student as I might have mentioned in previous posts.

As much as I want to believe that adulting and take responsibility for my choices are things that have already been happening for the last 7 years, now I’m realising how much thing have been going so fast and I didn’t really have the chance to savour all the good things that have been happening to me.

Maybe I want this process to stop but I want to believe that only good things are yet to come.

What about you? How is adulting treating you? Tell the Fox Family in the comment section below.

Take care of you babe.

Yours faithfully,

Gabriela Valentina  

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