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My personal take on mascara

Hi dolls,

Now that we got close and personal, and you know more or less everything about me (if you do have more answers I’d love to answer them). I’d like to indulge in some beauty post. Although it might look obvious to you I am a beauty junky, not because I have a vagina, also because currently that’s not an excuse anymore, but because I like to feel comfortable in my own skin. This does not mean that I always go full on red carpet with my makeup, but when I do I absolutely need more than one mascara to do the trick. My personal favourite are Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir **, Essence’s volume stylist 18h lash extension mascara and Dior Show New Look.

Now each of them does have its reason of being in my makeup bag, one of them is mainly for travelling because it has the best performance all over out of the three.

So one is perfect for when I don’t want to use fake lashes (it avoids me hours of stressing out on how to put them, didn’t I mention I ain’t no makeup artist?). And I just apply it on the top lashes to give volume and to give that thousands lashes effect to  my lashes which always look gorgeous on anyone. Trust me on this one, it gives your lashes that feathered look everyone loves. I’m talking about Marc Jacobs’ Velvet Noir** I never looked at Marc Jacobs’ for beauty items but this had a magic effect on me, I now cannot live without it.

The second one is from Essence, yes Essence, and it’s called volume stylist 18h lash extension mascara. This drugstore brand has some holy grail products at a shockingly low prices. This particular one cost £3 and makes me look like a doll. It allows my lower lashes to look longer and it gives me a more dramatic look. Which if you spend an hour wearing makeup is all you want to achieve. I do prefer to wear it when I’m using false lashes as my upper lashes look infinite and the lower ones are at times invisible.

The third one is my go to for travelling. I do love travelling but I need to do do it on a budget, mainly because I’m a broke postgraduate student (That’s the essence of me you guys). So I cannot afford any extra luggage other than the free hand luggage you are allowed to take with you on board, that means that you need to make cuts on your needs because “not everything can make Varsity” (Iliza Shlesinger, Freezing Hot) so my go to mascara is  Dior Show New Look It does a little bit of everything not at the extent of the previously mentioned ones but at least it doesn’t make me look stupid, because no one wants to look stupid.

What do you think about my suggestions, if they work for you, if you prefer completely different brands. Tell the Fox Family about it.

Take care of you babe.

Gabriela Valentina


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