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Here we are again, discussing issues we should put forward at the next dinner party when we want to stir the pot a little bit and make sure there is no misunderstanding when the words “white privilege” or “Eurocentric standards” are mentioned as some things more than others need to be normalised in our dictionary.

Today we are talking about the biggest bane of mine: JOB SEARCH.

I studied Media and Public Relations and let me tell you I kind of signed my own personal death wish when I decided that one of the least diverse sectors in the UK workforce had to be my own oyster – P.S. it was never an oyster but a place for me to rethink myself and the person I wanted to be.

When starting your job search everyone’s suggestion is to always look smart and well polished and the picture they portray or show is generally the one of a caucasian blonde girl with bone straight air tied up in a ponytail. This type of ideal pushes young adults everywhere to believe that the person they are on their day to day basis is not right for the workforce, it becomes a tale of “good hair” and colours that makes our skin look dull (i.e. navy? Is that even a colour black people should consider having in their wardrobes? It literally takes away from our melanin and makes us look ashy).

People, regardless of the industry, try to hide their true spirit and start working even harder to fit in, because otherwise, you’ll never find a job. Though the moment you reveal your true nature at work after probation, people like to point out how you have changed.

Yet, what no one teaches you is that the system is rigged and you are actually perfectly fine the way you are. What no one tells you is that the company you have to fit in actually will never fully make you happy, the company that will be able to see through your locks, your nappy 4c hair and hires you because of who you are and because of your authentic self, they are going to hold you like a treasure and push you to thrive and do your absolute best. They will be the one to chant your success and hope for you to constantly do better.

No matter where you are in your job search I want you to look within yourself and understand what your priorities are and the person you are, I know it is a painful process and you might not be ready for it yet, but when you come back to this column, the fresh attitude you’ll have towards yourself will allow you to see the true aim of this Handbook.

Take care of you babe.

With Love,

Gabriela Valentina

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