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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hi dolls!

I think this post has been long overdue, a little bit because I didn’t know how to write it and a bit because I was scared to touch this argument. But like mentioned in a previous post I’m now a single woman a thing that I would have not thought would have happened ever again, maybe because I was so blinded by love I could not see any signal that things were not working out anymore for the other party involved in the relationship. But how could I if these concerns were not voiced loudly enough for me to hear them. Go figure.

But lately I came across Ariana Grande’s new album and, in a way, I saw the light in the words she sang and in the way she explained her feelings through the lyrics of her songs. And thought the album has a lot of songs I’d like to talk about I’d like to start with in my head.

In my head talks about falling in love with the image you’ve constructed of a person and not with the person itself. And this happened to me a million times and I did not want to accept this fact because it is beautiful falling in love and being in a relationship. But I finally realised that the most beautiful thing is understanding oneself and not compromise because loving yourself, first, is the most beautiful thing ever and that’s where we should start. Start by loving yourself first and beautiful things will happen.

Ariana Grande said it best:

Wanted you to grow, but, boy, you wasn’t budding

Everything you are made you everything you aren't

I saw your potential without seein' credentials

Maybe that's the issue

Said maybe that’s the issue, ah

Can't hold that shit against you, ah

Guess I did it to myself, yeah

Thought you were somebody else, you

Seeing potential when is not there is a fault that we cannot hold against others, but ourselves. And that has to stop for our good. To be happy within ourselves is the answer to be able to see the flaws of others before embarking in a relationship that won’t work from the start and will eventually end.

Though, that does not mean that you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself and still fall for the wrong person though they have the right credential. Babe, I want you to be able to acknowledge that you are enough and that once you love yourself you will attract the right person that won’t keep you for granted, won’t let you down and will be able to discuss their feelings with you because they want a future with you and only you.

That’s all for today.

Take care of you babe.

With Love,

Gabriela Valentina

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