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Hi dolls!

I know what you are going to tell me, every time you see someone on Instagram looking fabulously elaborate outfits [or really simple ones] you ask yourselves “how can they look so good on them and never work for me?”. The answer is pretty easy: everyone should own to their particular style and not try to copy someone else’s.Being able to mix colours and textures as well as old with the new,that what makes those outfits look so perfect.Sure you can look up to some stylish gal on the web and buy every single item they own but I can promise you’ll never be able to find your own glam, your own style, something more similar to your own self and looks less like a premade fantasy. Now follow me through this steps in order to make things work for you.


That’s right if you don’t understand your body you’ll end up buying the wrong type of items and throw millions of tantrums because it doesn’t look like in the picture. Once you’ll start to understand what actually suits you thing we’ll get a hella better.


I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, like that oversized shirt you use as a dress because you think it makes you look edgy and fierce, or that black [faux] leather skirt you can wear with absolutely everything and so on.. Those are your evergreen, you might have used them a hundred times but they always make you feel good, comfortable and fearless. Those type items are what you should look for in while shopping, they will save you when you are asked for a last minute date or you are totally in for a girls night out.


So there is the little black dress, the black pump, the white shirt, boyfriend jeans... Now, following step number one, remember to find the one that works for your body type, for example the LBD that Audrey Hepburn was wearing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s would never work on me, that’s why I have a lovely dress from H&M with some mesh here and there, I’m not a gazelle so I do skinny jeans ONLY and my black pump is a pair of open toe with a big fat heel.. You see? You can make fashion work for you and not against you.

Skirt by ASOS.com

White Shirt by H&M


Now the trick is to wear just enough accessories to personalise your look. It is easier said than done, because there is always the risk to over-accessories, but what i generally do is never cluster things. I’ll give you an example: If i’m wearing big earrings I won’t be wearing a big necklace or if i’m wearing a lot of rings on my fingers I’ll avoid wearing hundred of bracelets. I know only two people who can truly pull those heavily accessorised looks and one them is called Rihanna and the second is called FKA TWIGS.

Picture taken at Galleria Melissa (LDN)


What do I mean?  Go to a vintage kilo sale and savage that bitch. The items which are sold there are not the same sold now. Duh. You’ll be able to find something that no one else has and make it your own. Your mom wardrobe is also a place in which you can treasure hunt for some stuff, I personally have had a skirt that my mum used to use in the ‘80s and I’ve made that dotted pencil skirt my very own trademark.

Enjoy being the best version of yourself ON A BUDJET.

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Take care of you babe

Gabriela Valentina 

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