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dear 2017

Hi dolls,

This is my farewell to 2017 a year that gave me a lot of joy as well as disappointments. A year who taught me a lot about myself and the people around me.a year that definitely prepared me to all the challenges that are yet to come.

For 2017 I prepared a list of New Year's resolutions which for the first time I managed to tick completely off. I always have had some kind of New Year's resolutions but I never been focused on myself enough to turn my words into actions. The past year has been for me a time of growth and prioritisation, I finally learned how to put ME first. This has been an important lesson because I deserve to be happy as much as everyone else.

This happiness has come in different ways:

  • I moved into my very own flat, after living in shared houses for 4 years I finally created a space for myself that I can call home

  • I went back into higher education myself with a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future

  • I started the pinksilverfox project which helps me channel the endless amount of creative energy that I have into something beautiful that might or might not help other people believe in the pink silver vision as much as I do

  • I started taking responsibilities that I would have not take before, because I would have been scared not to succeed, but actually I’m doing fine

  • I learned that every failure is a lesson and I should not allow anything to drag me down

  • I learned that if I don’t love and believe in myself no one is going to do it for me.

So what have you learned during 2017? Has it been a year of joy? A year of loss? A year of pain? Or a mix of things?

I wish you dolls all the best for 2018.

Take care of you babe

Yours faithfully,

Gabriela Valentina

P.S. Yours truly also madly fell in love with ASOS during the past year, but this is another blogpost entirely, so if you were wondering I'm wearing ASOS during this shoot

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