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Hi dolls!

So, London Fashion Week has recently come to an end [though there are still fashion week happening all around]. And in total honesty I did work at LFW S/S 2017 as an assistant for a fashion editor/celebrity stylist called Mekel Bailey. It has been a lovely experience, though there are things you are not aware of when first experiencing this amazing event, which celebrates and presents the work of entire teams, who work in order to give as the most glamorous, fancy, elegant item of clothing, the kind you watch and a little drool slowly comes out of your mouth because you had a little silent orgasm while watching the runway.

Therefore I’m going to give you a little inside about the 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW TO SURVIVE LFW AS AN ASSISTANT so if you want to go now you know:

1. Be ready to run: if you are an assistant, as myself, you’ll need to run from one venue to another, and when I say run I mean physically-and you’ll regret missing every single cardio class you skipped in the last past months. Here’s why: you are going to spend the same if not more time when using London Underground services, in fact, between getting to the station, going to the right platform and waiting for the train to arrive you have already wasted 10 precious minutes and once you are in the area you’ll still need to walk your way to the venue. And forget getting a cab it will just make you arrive really late, because London traffic.

2. Be ready for a non programmed diet made out of FREE popcorn, FREE water and  FREE alcohol: most shows or presentations provide some sort of “catering”, so yeah, movies were right when they were showing endless amount of champagne flowing, though they forgot to mention the tequila, the gin, the vodka...

3. Be comfortable but still fashionable. Try to wear comfortable clothes don’t do heels, don’t do tight clothing, stay comfortable for your own good: now it is possible to be fashionable but maintain some comfort. Moreover those street style shoots mainly portray models or bloggers trying to get scouted, they (8 times out of 10) don’t make it to the shows. They stay outside the venue and get photographed outside it, so you’d think they were there when actually YOU DO NEED an invite to get in.

4. Be ready to see celebrities of every type, everywhere. (singers, athletes, actors and people who are not yet famous but are treated like celebrities) be ready to feel your heart pounding like crazy when someone like Alex Pettyfer is sitting just 2 meters away from you.

Little tip: try not to fangirl on anyone. I made that mistake with Tom Daley and I ended up bumping into him every show I was working at. It looked a lot like I was stalking him until my boss finally had the chance to introduce us, now we are cool. I guess.

5. Be ready to get after party boredom. Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t really enjoy myself when I’m clubbing by myself in a room full of people I don’t know and I can’t relate to. You see I used to live in a room in Zone 3 and I sometimes struggled to pay the rent, they complained about the service they received during their holiday in Thailand. I spent most of my time waiting tables [I CAN’T RELATE]

6. Get ready for early morning and late nights. You’ll most likely be hungover everyday. All that champagne flowing will get you, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

7. Be ready to do some networking, therefore print yourself some business cards because you’ll eventually need them, you know that dream job? It might be just one business card away.

8. Friends can get you anywhere. You could avoid queuing or be someone’s +1 if you play your cards right.

9. BE POSITIVE. It only last for 5 days, it is literally 5 days every 3 months. We can all do it.

10. ENJOY THE SHOWS. Or at least try, they are never the same and sometimes they are just fun.


Take care of you babe.

Gabriela Valentina

***All the pictures come from LFW S/S 17 Therefore, no these are not the most recent pictures but never say never.

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